SensorInsight Announces Oxfam Official Launch June 28th and June 30th

“We are committed to our work pioneering the groundwork of IoT and empowering companies globally to join the force,” said Vincent Njoroge.

SensorInsight®, an Internet of Things (IoT) solution provider, today announced that it is unveiling its product launch in Lodwar and Wajir, co-hosted by Oxfam GB and Element Blue to present the completed water monitoring solution to the county governments of Turkana and Wajir in Kenya.

SensorInsight, a trailblazer behind the emerging field of IoT, is offering Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to public and private enterprises nationwide based on large-scale environmental sensor deployments such as monitoring solutions used to detect potentially hazardous conditions in urban areas, schools, agriculture, hospitals, and factories.

The benefits and features of the solution will be explained and demonstrated to the county executives and users of the system. The key features and accomplishments that will be highlighted will include:

  • SensorInsight Android Mobile application which was successfully used to map 400+ water points in under two months
  • SensorInsight integrates with on-site devices including smart meters, solar pumps, and tank level sensors.
  • SensorInsight sends SMS and email alerts to designated people when thresholds of key indicators are exceeded, such as volume of water or hours of pump operation

“This is one of the most exciting and pioneering projects we have undertaken and are pleased to be launching this effort with Oxfam GB, and we are honored to be able to create such a positive, widespread impact on people’s lives with this effort,” said Vincent Njoroge, Managing Director, Africa of Element Blue. “We believe that this solution will have a longstanding impact for years to…

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