Scott Garcia Acquires A Neighboring Spring-Green Lawn Care Location

Spring-Green Franchise Owner Scott Garcia purchased an existing Spring-Green territory in Durham, NC on Friday, May 12, 2017.

Garcia began his career with Spring-Green as a manager and later purchased the franchise he managed. Since then, he expanded his Spring-Green franchise to four territories. When Garcia first bought his franchise he had 300 customers, but through his efforts he has grown his customer base to over 1,500. With this new territory expansion, he is estimated to add roughly 2,300 more customers.

Garcia credits much of his success to the marketing efforts and support provided by Spring-Green. He also believes that his excellent customer service allows him to attract more customers in his territory.

“Over the first couple of years, we focused on our residential growth and made sure we were communicating with our customers and answering all of their questions. That has led to a good number of referrals and positive word of mouth,” Garcia said.

Acquiring an existing business is a big undertaking. Garcia was never alone or without guidance. His Spring-Green business consultant helped him step into his new role and prepared his business for success.

“I collaborated with Dave Dawson to create an annual plan, a three-year plan, and a five-year plan,” Garcia states. “We set some goals based on numbers of new customers and annual revenue.”

Garcia and his business consultant, revisited this growth plan every six months to make sure he was on pace. They also determined strengths and weaknesses and revised the plan as needed.

Together they dove into the books to make sure the territory he was purchasing would meet his financial goals without putting strain on his family. Garcia is motivated to become a million-dollar Franchise Owner…

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