School Fundraising- Choosing a Great Catalog for Sales

There is a large selection of great school fundraising catalogs available. You can easily find catalogs for treats, holiday products, gourmet foods, garden products and much more. With so many available catalog choices you will easily find a great option for your school’s specific fundraising needs. Here are several helpful tips for narrowing down the selection and finding a great school fundraising catalog.

Think About Timing

You can earn a lot of money with seasonal school fundraisers. Parents and community members are generally very willing to support your school by purchasing holiday products like gift wrap or Easter treats. As you plan your fundraiser think about the season and take a quick peek at a calendar to see if there are any upcoming holidays. Whenever possible coordinate your fundraisers with holidays. Some fundraising options might not be appropriate during certain seasons. A garden fundraiser during the winter months is a great example of a fundraiser that would work better at a different time during the year.

Consider the Profits

Also pay attention to the profitability of each fundraising choice. Profits can vary from fundraiser to fundraiser even when working with the same fundraising provider. A holiday products fundraiser might earn higher profits than a garden products fundraiser.Ask your fundraising company about the available profit margins for each fundraiser that you consider. Ask about shipping charges and processing fees so that you can determine which fundraiser will earn the most money for your school. This will help you to find a profitable and practical fundraising choice.

What Worked in the Past?

The past results of fundraisers can help you to predict the kind of results that you can expect in the future. If you find that the cookie dough fundraiser earned a lot of money last year have another one. Conversely if your magazine fundraiser wasn’t successful, try a different fundraiser this year. You can use past successes and failures…

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