School Fundraising Catalogs- Choosing the Right One

There are many different school fundraising catalogs available. With just a little looking you will be able to find catalogs for gourmet treats, holiday goodies, Christmas gifts, gift wrap, magazines, garden products and more. These many catalogs allow each school to choose a fundraising option that will work well with their specific school fundraiser needs. Choosing the right catalog can be difficult so here are some ideas to help you determine which school fundraising catalog to choose.

Consider the Season

Seasonal school fundraisers can be very profitable. People are often very willing to purchase holiday gift wrap just before Christmas or Easter treats in the spring.  When you are planning your school fundraisers look at a calendar and see if there are any upcoming holidays. If there are upcoming holidays you may want to consider a seasonal school fundraiser.  You may also not want to schedule particular fundraisers if the seasonal timing isn’t right. For example if you are planning a November fundraiser selling garden bulbs and products might not be the most profitable choice.

Look at Profits

You will also want to consider the profitability of each fundraising catalog that you are considering. Even when working with one particular school fundraising provider profits can vary.  The holiday gift fundraiser may offer higher profits than the gift wrap fundraiser or the gourmet treats guide.  Ask about the available profit margin for each fundraiser you are considering.  Remember to find out if there are any charges for shipping, what the minimum order is and if profits increase with higher sales volume. This will help you to choose a school fundraising guide that is both practical and profitable.

What Has Worked Before?

You past school fundraisers will give you a good idea of the type of fundraisers that might be successful in the future. If your cookie dough fundraiser was very profitable last year, hold another one.  On the other hand, if you weren’t…

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