Safety Measures When Using Electric Heaters

It’s high time that we do something to reduce the number of accidents concerning electric heaters. Every year, the figures that are coming out are alarming and these cause real damage to life and property. By implementing simple safety measures, the numbers can be vastly reduced.

Studies have shown that in the majority of the cases, faulty wiring was not to blame but rather overheating and the sudden fires. This does not mean that we should not be concerned about wiring, though. It is still best to use the right type of heavy duty wires that are wrapped with resilient insulation like modern synthetic polymers. The method of wiring should also conform to the highest standards and not done haphazardly. The use of circuit breakers should also be considered as they have been proven to be effective in protecting households and buildings against dangerous short circuits.

Another thing that can be done is to place combustible materials away from the electric heaters. This is a sensible precaution and one that does not require any purchases. Just ensure that there is always adequate distance between the unit and furniture, curtains, paper, and similar things. Flammable liquids, in particular, should be moved far away to prevent sudden combustion. Even water should not be placed anywhere near the heater as it could cause short circuits if spilled.

When shopping for a heater, check for a quality seal. Every country will have its own safety bureau which will test the units and provide them with a certification if they pass. The safety standards are important and are given a lot of weight. Having this seal allows the buyer to know that he is getting a high quality device. Never purchase a heater than does not have it as it might just have been smuggled from questionable sources. They may be cheaper but the cost of an accident or fire is much worse.

A heater should be equipped with a guard that that prevents contact with combustible elements. Even a momentary contact with fire…

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