Sacrifice Our Small Aspects for Environmental Protection

Hollywood actor Begley is willing to sacrifice his own for environmental protection. He lived in a two bedroom house; by Hollywood standards would be too shabby. However, the roof is equipped with solar panels for electric vehicle charging, but also for his collection of rain water heating. His manufacture of fertilizers was so fascinated; and he knows, which can be recycled in the seven kinds of plastic; and he can use solar cooker to cook their own planted crops, and chatter to reprove his wife waste.


This attitude to life is not wrong, as long as you meet this state like him, nor will make your family crazy. If you do not want to make so efforts, you would rather use other means to relaxed environmental protection. Then there are many good ways, which can even simply your life, save time and money. Here are some easy and environmentally friendly methods.


First, reduce your travel time. Sitting in the leisure chair at home rather than on the plane is the simplest way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. If there is less travel abroad, it is enough to offset your home or your car’s emissions of carbon dioxide throughout the year. Aircraft in addition to emit carbon dioxide, it also emits water vapor and other greenhouse gases such as nitrogen dioxide; it is said that the harmful effects of such gases at least is the same as comparable and carbon dioxide emissions, also some people think that is a doubled carbon dioxide.


According to the nonprofit organization “Environmental Defense Fund” calculations, each a passenger flying back and forth between the two cities apart from 6500 km once, it will produce about 8 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent gases, equivalent to a person driving a motor vehicle, as well as the amount of carbon dioxide of family use of heating and electricity for one year.


Second, you can find people to seal your house’s doors and windows. If you live in the cold region in winter, you can do it yourself or allow someone else to…

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