S.A. Anthony’s Trax War is an Epic Tale of Love, Loss, Courage and Revenge

S.A. Anthony Trax War

Sci-fi allows me to take you to places that will blow your mind and make you forget you are still on Earth.

In this addictive, unique sci-fi standout, Scott McKnight is an average young man with an unknown destiny that bravely steps outside his house to join the war to save all of mankind. With the help of a long time neighbor, Scott takes the woman of his dreams and a band of scared survivors on a mission to save Earth from invaders, the menacing Tralaxions.

The Tralaxions have arrived and are wreaking havoc on Earth; kidnapping women and children while killing off the men. No one knows why the Tralaxions have invaded Earth. Even the White House is in the dark. Or are they? Top secret files are unclassified to help solve this mystery. From secret black-ops missions to aliens living among us, all of these key details will be needed to help fight this war and save humanity.

Trax War is the first book of a new hardcore sci-fi series created by S.A. Anthony. Don’t miss this thrilling adventure of mystery, love, secrets and unforgettable battles.

About the Author

S.A. Anthony has been a life-long “sci-fi nut”! He started on his path as a sci-fi fanatic when he snuck into his older brother Carlton’s room uninvited as a boy and watched his b/w TV. He then asked, “Who’s the man with the pointed ears?” Instead of dishing out the usual brother mandatory punishment for not knocking, his brother was thrilled he was interested in something he loved so much. His brother told him what Star Trek was about and when to watch it. S.A. Anthony was forever hooked. This one show started S.A. Anthony on a sci-fi journey he has yet to get off of.

“Dreams do come true, and this book is one of them. To all great sci-fi writers, I do thank you! You have molded me into the sci-fi nut I am today! One rule they taught me is to never let someone figure you out, keep them guessing and that’s what I intend to do in this book.

Sci-fi allows me to take you to places that will blow your mind and make you forget you are still on Earth. I was always taught to stretch your imagination to the limit, make it your own. Mine is now being shared with you. Being a writer allows me to take my readers on a wonderful journey to places never before seen or imagined before. I hope you jump on and enjoy the ride! Love to you all.”

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