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A very popular and reliable generator for RV camping and travel use is made by Cummins Onan.  The Onan Microlite Series RV genset is a top of the line unit that can be counted on to provide off site power for any RV owner’s electrical needs.  This page will cover the basic specifications of this proven and well-designed piece of equipment that provides an important feature for any recreational vehicle.

Onan has created a product line known as the Microlite 4000 genset series.  The first thing to know is the model number ID breakdown.  This is how the model number of a typical genset is built.  It cover power capacity, the product’s genre, how it is started, its voltage, spec number for special features and the spec letter.  For example, a model number of 4KYFA26100E means the unit is a 4000 watt genset in the KY product line, remote start, 120 volt and 60 Hertz, spec number code for special options and lastly the final letter is used to show any major changes in manufacturing or design.

In the KY Onan Microlite 4000 series there are two fuel types, gasoline and LPG or liquid propane gas.  The available model numbers are 4.0 KY, 3.6 KY both gasoline fueled, 3.6 KY and 3.3 KY both LPG run.  The power available for the 4.0 KY is 4000 watts and 3600 watts for the 3.6 KY.  The LPG 3.6 KY is also 3600 watts with the 3.3 KY at 3300 watts.  Obviously the number corresponds to the wattage type. 

The frequency is 60 Hertz and 50 Hertz for the gasoline 4.0 KY and 3.6 KY units respectively and 60 Hertz and 50 Hertz for the 3.6 KY and 3.3 KY LPG units respectively.  The voltage ratings for all units going down the line is 100/120 volts, 100/220/230 volts, 100/120 volts, 100/220/230 volts.  The speed for each unit respectively, 4.0 KY and 3.6 KY gas, 3.6 KY and 3.3 KY LPG is 3600 rpm, 3000 rpm, 3600 rpm and 3000 rpm.

These Onan RV gensets in the 4000 series are some of the best generators on the market.  It’s important to remember that trusting your RV…

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