Revelation Software Concepts Releases Rev-Trac 7 SPS02 for Flagship SAP Change Control Automation Solution

In a survey of Rev-Trac customers who had previously used a manual non-automated process or system, 74% report more than 7 potentially damaging out of sequence transport migrations are prevented by Rev-Trac per month

Revelation Software Concepts Pty Ltd (RSC), a pioneer and market leader in simplifying SAP change control, today announced the release of the second major enhancement to version 7 of their flagship SAP change control automation software, Rev-Trac. Version 7.2 introduces a new Parallel Development Workbench with features that focus on agility, allowing organizations to introduce continuous integration and continuous delivery (CICD) into their production environments to manage and control rapid deployments.

When multiple teams are working in multiple development systems, the inevitability that parallel development will occur is very high. Most of the risk (and costs) stem from requiring change teams to manually manage concurrent changes across parallel development systems (eg, N+1 and Project tracks) that are to be delivered into the same production system. One of the keys for a safe and stable agile operation is control over parallel development.

“The OOPS functionality (Overtake/Overwrite Protection) in Rev-Trac was developed initially to prevent parallel development,” said Rick Porter, RSC Vice President of Business Development. “OOPS has now been tooled to “facilitate” parallel development specifically to support today’s agile development environments. It has become clear that the automation (and enforcement) of a robust change control process will form the basis of an agile SAP team’s success.”

Large SAP teams can make up to 1,000 changes per month in their SAP systems and up to 5,000 per month during a project…

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