Resume writing and importance of CV

The resume is a tool with one specific purpose: to win an interview. If it does what the fantasy resume did, it works. If it doesn’t, it isn’t an effective resume. A resume is an advertisement, nothing more, nothing less.

A great resume doesn’t just tell them what you have done but makes the same assertion that all good ads do: If you buy this product, you will get these specific, direct benefits. It presents you in the best light. It convinces the employer that you have what it takes to be successful in this new position or career.

Having a solid and effective resume can greatly improve your chances of landing that dream job. That is beyond discussion. How does one make sure that his resume is top notch and bullet proof, however? There are several websites with tips around the web, but most bring just a handful of them. We wanted to put them all together in a single place, and that is what you will find below :-

  • 1. Know the purpose of your resume
  • 2. Back up your qualities and strengths
  • 3. Make sure to use the right keywords
  • 4. Use effective titles
  • 5. Proofread it twice
  • 6. Use bullet points
  • 7. Where are you going?
  • 8. Put the most important information first
  • 9. Attention to the typography
  • 10. Explain the benefits of your skills


Career is the most important part of human life. One looks for different professions and adopts the one that suits him best. But how to choose that which career is best for you. Let us help you on this.

We as humans are prone to look at successful individuals like Oprah or Bill Gates and assume that somehow they became wealthy and innovative overnight, but it truly took many years, time, effort, and perseverance.

There are three important points to address when asking the question, what career is right for me?

Firstly, you must discover what are those standing and lasting values that make you who you are. What things interest you.

Secondly, you must figure out what you are good at and what brings out the best of your abilities.


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