Resistance Bands and Their Preference

Resistance bands are special kinds of exercise bands that have become very useful as exercise equipments. Most of the personal fitness trainers ask their trainees to use these specialized bands for workouts. These bands are prepared from latex fibre, which comes with / without handles.

In case of the ones that come with belt, the firmer ones are preferred because they provide enhanced resistance. Is there any advantage associated with enhanced resistance of these bands? Yes, there are many advantages and they are:

• Effective muscle building
• Strength training
• Perfect body toning

This is the reason why many people say that these bands are better than weight machines.

Why do Personal Fitness Trainers prefer these Bands over Weights?

The main advantages of their preference depend on the following:

1. Affordability

These specialised elastic bands are cheaper than that of the weights made up of cast iron. This is one of the reasons why personal trainers as well as trainees like these bands over iron weights.

2. Easy to Take Along

This is major benefit of the bands. They can be easily taken from one place to another, which is not possible in case of a cast iron weights. If you are travelling and want to take the band for exercise, you can easily do that because of the portable nature. These bands can be taken in carry bags because you simply have to fold and carry it. They can also be taken in suitcase and purse. While you are travelling, you will definitely miss the gym workouts. You can leave for the trip but continue regular workouts by using these elastic bands.

3. Lots of Space is Saved

This is another deficit, where a person working out with the band did not need a lot of space. If you consider barbells, bulky equipments and dumbbells, you will see that these tools require a trainee to do them in a larger space. However, resistance bands and tubes can be used by a trainee in a small space area.

4. Diversity

In case of other weight training sessions, you…

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