Real Food Blends Unveils New and Improved Beef, Potatoes & Spinach Meal

Real Food Blends New & Improved Beef, Potatoes & Spinach Meal

Julie & Tony Bombacino, Co-Founders of Real Food Blends with Their New and Improved Beef Meal

We think the new and improved version of our beef meal now strikes the perfect balance in terms of consistency and nutritional profile. – Tony Bombacino, Co-Founder, Real Food Blends

Real Food Blends, makers of 100% real food meals for people with feeding tubes, and the company that started a real food revolution in the medical community, today announced the launch of the new and improved version of their Beef, Potatoes & Peas meal; now with spinach instead of peas.

“When it comes to developing and improving our meals, we’re constantly balancing nutrition, ease of use and cost,” said Julie Bombacino, Co-Founder and CEO of Real Food Blends. “We choose ingredients to get the maximum amount of nutrients and nutritional variety while still creating a meal that is easy for everyone to use, whether their bolus feeding with a syringe, using a feeding pump and/or a gravity bag. Although our meals are thicker by design so they sit in the stomach more like a meal, the customer feedback we received since launching our original Beef, Potatoes & Peas meal was that the consistency was just a little too thick for their liking. After months of R&D, we found we were able to greatly improve the consistency while still maintaining the desired nutrient profile with one simple ingredient change and we couldn’t be happier.”

Beyond the spinach for peas swap, the rest of the ingredients in the new and improved Beef, Potatoes & Spinach meal are the same as the original — grass-fed beef, potatoes, grapeseed oil, and pineapple juice. According to one Mayo Clinic study, grass-fed beef is known to be lower in fat, higher in omega-3 fatty acids,…

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