Ramtha’s Classic Teachings Presented in Book Form

JZ Knight

A Guide for Living Better in this Life – and Beyond.

Expanded and revised knowledge and wisdom collected from the teachings of Ramtha are now available in a new book, “The Mystery of Birth and Death: Redefining the Self.”

Ramtha is a legendary Master Teacher who mastered his own humanity centuries ago and returned in our modern times to tell his story and teach what he learned.

Presented as “a guide for better living in this life – and beyond,” the book features teachings from Ramtha from the past few decades presented through the official channel of Ramtha, distinguished spiritual teacher and author JZ Knight.

“The other side of death has been a great unknown, a cold and bitter mystery for most people in our civilization today,” the book’s editor notes. “Many experience it as an inevitable destiny and a frightening end. It is a great unknown, with many common elements shared across borders, religions, and cultures around the world. Its anticipated imagery has undoubtedly become deeply ingrained in our modern culture, in literature, movies, works of art, well beyond the religious domain.”

The book was published by JZK Publishing (ISBN # 9781578731220) available for $19.95 on Amazon and at the Quantum Café, the official bookstore of Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment, http://store.ramtha.com/store.aspx.

“In this book, we prepared for you Ramtha’s classic teachings where he delves deeply into these arcane mysteries of life and death, the afterlife and the life review in the light, reincarnation, how we get to choose our parents and our future incarnation, weighed in by the unfinished business recorded by our soul that we set out to make known and own into wisdom before we were born,”…

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