Rainforest Trust Launches New Women’s Conservation League

Created in 2018 to coincide with Rainforest Trust’s 30th anniversary and the integral moment in time for women’s empowerment, the WCL is a professional networking group for women that promotes environmentally sustainable lifestyles around the world through local partnerships and community engagement.

“Women have always been a positive force for conservation in their communities,” said Rainforest Trust Chief Philanthropy Officer Leslie VanSant. “Rainforest Trust sees the Women’s Conservation League as a way to connect women and their efforts with other like-minded individuals and movements around the world to add volume and focus to the importance of protecting our planet.”

With Rainforest Trust’s international headquarters located in rural Virginia, the WCL provides the nonprofit with the opportunity to better engage in already-established, local conservation efforts, while maintaining its mission to protect biodiverse habitats in some of the most environmentally threatened areas of the world.

The first of these local conservation efforts will take place Earth Day weekend, when WCL will host an Earth Day of Service that includes trash pick-up with the Adopt-a-Highway program, a park beautification project with the Fauquier County Parks and Recreation department and an electronics recycling drive with ALC Recycling.

For more information on WCL, please visit Rainforest Trust’s new WCL website and sign up through the form.

About Rainforest Trust

Rainforest Trust is a leading international conservation organization that has been steadfast in its mission for 30 years to save endangered species through the purchase and protection of imperiled tropical habitats in partnership with local partners and communities. Since its founding in 1988, Rainforest Trust has helped protect over 18 million acres of rainforest and other tropical habitats in more than 125 project sites around the world. Presently, Rainforest Trust is working to establish a network of over 190 protected areas toward its goal of strategically protecting 50 million acres by 2020. Rainforest Trust has a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, and 100 percent of project gifts directly fund vital conservation action. For more information, visit http://www.RainforestTrust.org

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