Purolator Releases “Nothing Gets By Us.™ Nothing Gets By You.” Video Series

Sherri McCarver, quality control team leader at the Purolator manufacturing facility in Fayetteville, N.C., prepares for her video interview.

Purolator has launched a new video series titled “Nothing Gets By Us. Nothing Gets By You.” in an effort to further educate automotive professionals and DIYers alike about the quality and innovation behind its new PurolatorBOSS™ oil filter and other filtration products for the automotive aftermarket.

The series is comprised of four videos featuring testimonials from Purolator associates. The vignettes provide an inside look at the company’s manufacturing facility in Fayetteville, North Carolina, where the vast majority of its filters are made. Centering on the company’s premium oil filter offering, PurolatorBOSS, each video addresses a critical piece of the quality story behind the brand, including:

  • The Innovation behind PurolatorBOSS™ – Directors of product engineering and operations explain the genesis of the product, its design and the manufacturing process used to bring this filter to the market.
  • Putting Oil Filters to the Test – The test lab team explain the rigorous tests and procedures Purolator filters must endure before being shipped to customers. The PurolatorBOSS™ test results are sure to impress.
  • The People behind Purolator – Associates provide an inside perspective on producing world-class, quality products.
  • How Strong is the SmartFUSION Media in PurolatorBOSS™? – Perhaps the most entertaining video in the series, the engineering and facility operations team are asked to test their own strength against the PurolatorBOSS 100 percent synthetic media featuring SmartFUSION Technology™. Let’s just say, they were no match against this media.


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