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Apart from IT, the only other industry which has grown exponentially in the recent past is media & entertainment. Over the past decade or two, the term media has become a household name. Print, television, radio and films form the four core subsets of this industry. Although internet is the new entrant, it is gaining immense popularity with each passing day. Internet is also called digital media.

This growth has created a large pool of jobs. Today, there is a dearth of creative and hard working individuals who would like to make a mark in this amazing and exciting profession. Film and television offers several unique jobs which are high paying and gratifying. “Production assistant jobs” is one such category.

A production assistant typically looks after the following tasks.

1. Arrange and attend brain storming sessions.

2. Create and distribute scripts amongst relevant crew members and artistes.

3. Arrange travel and accommodation for crew and artistes.

4. Co-ordinate between various departments.

Apart from the above he/she also needs to look after other technical stuff like arranging locations, co-coordinating with various agencies and getting permission from various authorities. A production assistant also looks after the day to day expenses and typically maintains a record for the same.

Radio jobs on the other hand are limited to broadcasting. Although this industry is generally localized and limited in terms of entertainment options, it still provides openings which are exciting, satisfying and well paid.

Radio jockey, news reader, presenter, commentator, broadcast assistant, program producer, broadcast engineer and script writer are some of jobs that are synonymous with this industry. Each has its own charm and requires creativity and commitment.

Unlike radio which is limited to audio broadcast, television is a mass media platform, which reaches out to millions of people with audio/video output. No wonder then it creates an immediate impact on the minds…

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