Price Action Forex Strategy: High Probability Price Action and Pivot Point

High probability price action and pivot point analysis is an effective price action forex strategy. Many in the trading business are now fast getting familiar with the latest trends in strategic trading. With the seemingly unending factors vis-à-vis the usual ones affecting present day price motion, traders will certainly find it uneasy to take trading actions. So to lessen their burdens, they would just go and rely on facts and details tested by experienced trading analysts.

Price action probabilities are measured depending on the price’s existing conditions in a certain period. A stable price condition would likely have a high probability of similar price condition. From here, a possible trading action could be made. Align with this is the intraday pivot point strategy. In this method, you have to be certain that price actions are in the right order flow before launching a possible trade. Using a credible benchmark as your landing pad before trading could be one price action forex strategy.

Price Action Forex Strategy: Quantitative Rule-Based Strategies

Quantitative Rule-Based Strategy is one price action forex strategy that uses the evaluation of large number of price movements and other significant data to come up with a viable observation on the real behavior of market prices. All factors affecting price movements over a period of time are definitely analyzed together as an impact. From here, a general rule is set to figure out to represent each unique condition. Each condition is then use as the basis of trading engagements.

In the use of any of these strategies, many traders experienced positive and satisfactory effects and since then have played a major technique in the trading business. It is somewhat difficult to understand these strategies by written words. But with the use of basic trading bars, you can quickly visualize and remember the rule that could be inferred from it. Your next price action forex strategy would be effective enough with the use of…

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