Pizza Hut – A Fine Dining Restaurant

There are different kinds of restaurants, nowadays. Restaurants fall into a number of industry categorizations based upon menu style, preparation techniques and costing. How the food is served to the consumer helps out to establish the categorization too.

In the past, restaurant referred simply to places that offered tables where one sat down to have the food, usually served by an attendant. Following the growth of fast food and take-out outlets, a retronym for the older “standard” one was formed, sit-down restaurant. Most frequently, sit-down restaurant denotes a casual dining with table service, rather than a fast food outlet, where one orders food at a counter. Sit-down restaurants are often further classified as “family-style” or “formal”.

Types of restaurants

Fast food – Fast food restaurants give emphasis to the pace of service. These are moreover identified as a QSR or Quick Service Restaurant.

Fast casual – Fast casual restaurants do not put forward table service, however might offer non-disposable plates and cutlery. The quality of food and charges tend to be higher than those of a usual fast food outlet but might be inferior to casual dining

Casual dining – A casual dining restaurant is an eating place that serves moderately-priced food in a relaxed ambiance. Casual dining eateries usually offer table service. Casual dining covers a market division between fast food establishments and fine dining.

Fine dining – Fine dining restaurants are full service eating places with precise dedicated food courses. Interior decoration of such eating places features luxury objects with an eye towards the “ambiance” preferred by the restaurateur. The wait workforce is generally very much qualified and often is dressed in more official outfit.

Pizza hut India is a famous chain of fine dining restaurants existing in diverse areas of India. It is an international brand name with an Indian spirit, in requirements of merchandise, outstanding service as well as pricing

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