Photo Book Printing a Collection of Digital Photos

Nowadays almost everyone owns a digital camera as they make it much easier to capture stunning pictures of important occasions, memorable people and places, even if you do not know much about photography.  Even if you have your photos taken by a professional they will usually give you the option to receive your prints in digital format as well as actual prints.


Digital photos are very versatile and you can do much more than just view them on a computer screen.  They can be presented in a number of different ways and can easily be printed in different sizes or on different materials.  These days you can even have your photos printed on to t-shirts or coffee mugs.  Another way you can present your digital photos, which has become very popular in over the last few years, is to make a photo book.


What are photo books?


Photo books are an extremely striking way to present your collection of digital photos.  A traditional photo album has photos glued or inserted into pockets, whereas in a photo book the photos are printed directly onto the pages.  The final result will look just like a book you could have purchased from a high street book store.  The paper used is of a very high quality and the photo book will be professionally bound by gluing, stapling or sewing a hard or soft cover.  You could even choose to have it bound in leather.  Photo books come in a variety of sizes, anything from a small book to a large book that can be laid out on your coffee table.


Depending on the photo book publisher you choose to use, you are able to choose from a wide variety of themes and backgrounds.  Most publishers will give you the option to add borders, frames and corner embellishments to your photos.  You can add text to the pages of your photo book and the publisher should have a list of attractive fonts you can use.  You can truly express your creative side when creating a photo book, but if you find you do not have the time then the publisher can…

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