Patriot Gold Group Offers Silver American Eagle With Its 5-Minute Double Check Challenge

Easy way for gold and silver IRA investors to make sure they realize the returns they expect

The precious metals markets are a dynamic, ever-changing force in the investment world, and when “commission incentivized” Account Executives sell precious metals IRAs, investors can be left out of the loop and feel abandoned. The Patriot Gold Group, however, sets itself apart by committing to know each investor’s story, explain the role investments like gold and silver play in a retirement portfolio and hear every concern.

That’s why the Patriot Gold Group is offering to invest into the lives of gold and silver-backed IRA account holders — wherever they’re currently doing business — by providing a free Silver American Eagle if they take Patriot Gold’s new Double Check Challenge.

The Patriot Gold Group Silver American Eagle Gold and Silver-Backed IRA Double Check Challenge involves a five-minute consultation with a senior partner or principal at the Patriot Gold Group, who will provide a free investment portfolio evaluation.

It’s not uncommon for account executives at retail precious metals brokerage firms to set up gold and silver IRAs and receive their commission at the point of sale but fail to follow up and explain how to read the IRA statement, let alone the value of holdings and performance results.

Patriot Gold Group, on the other hand, employs experts who not only understand the dynamic and ever-shifting nature of the gold and silver markets but also the critical importance of helping investors diversify their portfolios and take proactive steps to achieve their retirement goals.

Patriot Gold Group sees its simple, five-minute Double Check Challenge as an easy way for gold and silver IRA investors to make sure they realize the returns…

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