Pamper the Heart of Others

If we want to pamper life, we must integrate into and considerate the heart of other living things.

One day at dusk, a man walking in the forest met a mayfly, which was sadly crying, so the man asked mayfly: “Why are you crying so sadly here? What’s wrong with you? Have you met something difficult?” The mayfly said: “My wife died at noon today, so I am crying so sadly here.” That man said: “Now the dark is approaching, and you also will die very soon. Then why should you be crying?” After hearing this, the mayfly cried even more sadly. That man could not help but feel funny. In his view, a mayfly was born in the morning and would die in the evening, so what is the difference between dying at noon and dying in the evening? How could the mayfly cry so sadly? So the man left immediately.

When that man had walked away, he realized that: from the perspective of a human, the life of a mayfly is so short, so noon and evening have few differences; but if from the perspective of a mayfly, during the period from noon to dusk, it is the rest of its life. In that case, the rest life of it is as long as that of human beings. Therefore, that man walked back with compassions to see the mayfly, only finding the mayfly had died under a tree in the evening. That mayfly actually mourned its wife with its rest life, which deeply touched that man, so he buried the mayfly himself.

We are born as human beings, so we often boast ourselves as the soul of universe and the supreme among animals. As a result, we cannot look at life from the perspective of other living things, thus making it difficult to carry out a real compassion.

Each time when I climb a mountain every day, I always move the insects from the stone steps to the bushes. And I hope all people climbing mountains can look at the place under their feet, so that they will not have the regrets that they may have when encountering a mayfly in the future.

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