Organizational Consulting Experts Announce Plans to Bring Intuitive Behavioral Assessment Tool to the United States

The Interpersonal Dynamics Inventory tool utilizes a behavioral approach to team assessments and will be released by consulting firm Effectiveness Consultants this August.

Organizational assessment and consulting firm Effectiveness Consultants recently announced plans to release a behavioral assessment tool called the Interpersonal Dynamics Inventory.

The organizational assessment and consulting experts at Effectiveness Consultants, headquartered in Santa Barbara, Ca., recently announced plans to release a comprehensive behavioral assessment tool called the Interpersonal Dynamics Inventory. The firm has launched a website dedicated to the tool ahead of the release, which is slated for August 2017.

The Interpersonal Dynamics Inventory

Originally developed in the late 1970s in Sweden (where it is still widely used), the Interpersonal Dynamics Inventory (IDI) is an organizational assessment tool that measures the innate aspects of an individual’s behavior rather than his or her intent. The assessment’s results allow individuals to gain more awareness about how their behaviors impact others as well as improve their ability to work with, lead and influence those in their professional circles. The tool ultimately scores an individual’s association with several key characteristics, such as directiveness, affiliation and adaptability.

“We’ve been able to help organizations and institutions in varying industries foster meaningful team success by incorporating the IDI Tool into our facilitation process,” said Dr. Eric Zackrison, president and CEO of Effectiveness Consultants. “It provides countless ‘Aha!’ moments of clarity that truly help individuals get to the root of their communication habits as well as…

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