Organising Child Or Teen Bedroom Becoming Balance, Harmony and Order

Organising balance, harmony and order in a child or teens bedroom can sometimes difficult because this room has many functions. Children consider the bedroom is a place for sleep and play. For teens, it is a place for sleep, study, entertainment and escape from the world, Generally, many functions in it. Although these age groups are very various, but we can  set up and design for  the bedroom at the same form. The five regards when setting uptheir bedrooms are location of bed and desk and including many types of decoration, types of furnishings, avoidance of clutter and arrangement of large electronics.


For any age, the bed should be comfortable place so rest and relaxation can occur. To avoid electromagnetic radiation, select a wooden bed with an adequate headboard. Headboards give a sense of security and protection and enhance the quality of sleep. Place the bed against a solid wall and with a view of the entry door to the room. Positioning the bed in a supportive position creates a sense of safety. Providing a desk to contain paper, markers and books helps to keep things organized. Place the desk with a view of the entry door and with the desk chair in front of a solid wall. This helps enhance confidence.


Allow children and teens to have a say in how to decorate their rooms. Children and teens know the colors and decor they like and intuitively know what type of energy they need for well-being. This oftentimes conflicts with the parents preferences, which may create tension. It is important to remember that the bedroom is a personal space. Parents can support their children and teens by making sure the room is safe and healthy. Provide furniture with rounded corners, rugs that are soft and easy to clean, window coverings that create privacy and are easy to operate and adequate lighting.


Clearing clutter is one of the quickest ways to harmonize a bedroom. For children, clear out broken toys, unread books, toys and clothes they have outgrown and…

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