ONOTONE™ Minimalist Backpacks for That Late Christmas Shopper

ONOTONE Classic Backpack

ONOTONE Classic Backpack

We wanted to introduce simple products sustainably sourced with Bamboo, Cork, Cement for our minimalist collection for iPhone and MacBook.

Seattle-based accessory company ONOTONE™ is offering 20% discount on it’s new urban minimalist backpacks series. They are offering two day shipping via USPS across USA and this could be a great bargain for a last minute Christmas shopper.

Their new backpacks are available in two variations- Classic Backpack and Uptown Backpack. Both backpacks offer sufficient space to carry smaller and larger items including a 15” MacBook Pro. Classic backpack is a lightweight backpack to pack your essentials, stylish and clean design. Uptown Backpack is a bit larger than ONOTONE™ Classic Backpack. There’s a small pouch on its backpack strap, where you can put your smart phone etc. A hole for cable outside gives an easy access to earphone, USB cable usage. Last but not least, detachable rain cloth is in a dedicated pocket for sudden downpours.

These backpacks can be used by students, professionals or anybody who has to carry a laptop along with other essentials. They are decent gifts for late Christmas shoppers.

“Why burden your life with unnecessary extravaganza when you can be happy with the basic essentials? Happiness is about ‘simple yet quality’ living and our new Minimalist Collection is all about that,” said Daminda de Silva, the leading spokesperson from ONOTONE™.

ONOTONE™ is also well-known for its eco-friendly Concrete, Bamboo and Cork accessories for iPhone and MacBook. Concrete series is available for all models of iPhone and MacBook family. Each item is hand-crafted with real cement and the texture remains completely unique from each other. It provides solid protection to iPhone and MacBook without compromising the look of the devices. “We wanted to introduce simple products sustainably sourced with bamboo, cork, cement for our minimalist collection for iPhone and MacBook.” said de Silva.

ONOTONE™ is based in Seattle, WA, the USA and was founded in 2017. The company designs and manufactures backpacks, iPhone & MacBook accessories for urban lifestyle.

Order now and you will get your minimalist gift in just two days.

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