OneLogin Announces OpenID Connect Support

OneLogin, the identity management provider bringing speed and integrity to the modern enterprise, today announced OpenID Connect (OIDC) support that will enable applications using OIDC to interoperate with OneLogin services, including Single Sign-on (SSO) Portal and Multi-factor Authentication.

OIDC is a secure, mobile-ready, privacy-enhancing open identity standard developed by the OpenID Foundation. The standard is used by application developers to provide end-users a more seamless, secure authentication experience.

Many developers use OIDC to build custom applications because of its simplicity and support with mobile and web apps. OIDC’s authentication layer provides ample support for native mobile applications running on iOS and Android. Moreover, OIDC also provides support for modern web applications, which often run on a single page containing a significant amount of JavaScript.

“OpenID Connect is an increasingly popular way to build authentication into modern apps, particularly for B2C use cases,” said David Meyer, VP of product, OneLogin. “Now developers can use OneLogin as an OpenID Connect identity provider to easily extend the benefits of our solution into the apps and systems they build.”

The benefits are numerous. OIDC support serves to strengthen security for organizations while enhancing productivity for developers and usability for end-users. This means custom applications will now include the same security features associated with OneLogin, including MFA, instant offboarding, directory synchronization with Active Directory and LDAP, and enforcement of password complexity and rotation.

OneLogin customers can use OIDC’s lightweight, flexible protocol to gain password-free, secure single sign-on access to applications. Developers can use OIDC to authenticate applications against…

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