OBXcoin Launches on the Nasgo Network


OBXcoin was a no brainer for us. We are always looking for the innovators in this space, and the OBXcoin is just that.

The OBXcoin team is proud and excited to announce that on May 30th, 2018, they will be launching their much anticipated “Currency of Tomorrow” on the Nasgo Network!

The OBXcoin is a fully compliant currency created with the future in mind. The software was designed ensuring that the OBXcoin was compliant and every regulatory detail was considered in its creation so they never have to retro-fit the platform to suit the changing landscape of regulation. Instead, the team at OBXcoin is able to continue forward growth as a utilized currency rather than a digital store of value that other cryptocurrencies have been relegated to. The quick speed, ease, and free transactions makes the OBXcoin a great choice for merchants worldwide looking to accept cryptocurrencies at their business locations moving forward. The launch on NASGO is an important step for Ommini and the OBXcoin.

Eric Tippetts, Co-Founder of Nasgo said of the upcoming OBXcoin launch, “OBXcoin was a no brainer for us. We are always looking for the innovators in this space, and the OBXcoin is just that. We loved what they had done from a compliance design standpoint and also how attractive this new currency is going to be for merchants around the world. We’re incredibly excited to partner with the OBXcoin team.”

NASGO, a fully decentralized blockchain application and app development platform, whose networks open up endless opportunities to conduct global e-commerce with trusted blockchain technology is the recently launched, buzz-worthy platform that is already changing how people view and use this space. Immune to a single point of failure, NASGO connects publishers and developers to a global community of clients who enjoy it’s simple to use solutions.

“We scoured the world and looked at every major platform on the planet. We didn’t want to launch on a network platform that couldn’t keep up with the volume we are anticipating. Nasgo is the best on the market and the perfect fit for us and our merchants. They are a true decentralized free market platform which will allow our OBXcoin, the “Currency of Tomorrow”, to thrive and grow,” said OBXcoin Co-Founder Linwood Mann.

If you’re interested in purchasing OBXcoin in their limited pre-sale, visit https://obxcoin.io/ .

Please note that the Pre-Launch OBXcoin sales promotion will be ending on May 15th 2018. Visit their website for promo details!




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