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Astronomy is as vast as the universe it seeks to study. That’s because it has the entire universe to explore. That’s why so many people follow astronomy news in print magazines and online. Let’s look at some of the more interesting tidbits.

The magazine Astronomy is a great source of astronomy news. NASAs IBEX, Interstellar Boundary Explorer, was one exciting story. Just as weatherman study winds in fronts, IBEX studies outer space fronts. Specifically it’s the interaction of the solar winds with the relatively cold space beyond the solar system. IBEX is also set to map the boundaries of our solar system.

There’s also astronomy news about a new aurora on Saturn, unique compared to other auroras we’ve known. An aurora is formed when charged particles stream along planetary magnetic field. The solar winds create the auroras on earth. Jupiter’s aurorae come from interactions within Jupiter’s own magnetic field. But Saturn’s new aurora, seen in the infrared spectrum, is something completely new which could teach scientists a lot about the solar wind and magnetic fields.

Universe Today is yet another great source of astronomy news}. Contact was reestablished with a roving probe on Mars. The rover had lost contact after running through a massive dust storm. But the rover came through with shining colors even though it lacked power. Scientists believed it would go into shutdown after a long period of dust blocking energy from reaching the solar panels and never again communicate. But it recovered and now it’s back on the job.

Contact with intelligent life may be a matter of less than 15 years thanks to the Allen telescope array, at least that’s what’s in astronomy news. The array currently is made up of 42 antennas, but will expand over time to include 350 small radio antennas that search the sky for signals that mean intelligence. It’s only a matter of a short time before it hears signals from deep enough in space that intelligence is sure to be found.

Finding another intelligent race somewhere out there sure would be huge astronomy news.

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