NobleWorks’ New Everyday Cards Are The Funniest

NobleWorks aims to make every day a humorous day in 2018, so we’ve just introduced more than 90 hilarious new greeting cards for Birthday, Anniversary, Baby, Get Well, Thank You, Miss You, Engagement, Wedding, Divorce and Retirement – kind of like the circle of life.

New Cards for Unique Occasions

A greeting card for Groundhog Day? It’s predicted to be a hit! Cards for Administrative Professionals Day? Yep … it’s our job to provide cards that can’t be found everywhere. Also new are cards for occasions including July 4th, Veterans Day and more.

Cards From the Gang

NobleWorks’ latest introduction features several conversions of existing cards with the added message of “From All of Us” – including General Birthday, Mom’s Birthday, Get Well, plus Thank Yous to the Boss and Coach. All of NobleWorks’ single cards retail for just $3.75 each and are printed on recycled paper, on demand, in North America (not China).

Two New Assortments

This introduction also includes two new boxed sets of 10 assorted cards: “A Very Funny Birthday” – with some of our best-selling original designs; and “A Very Trumpy Birthday” – with hilarious cards featuring the POTUS. All assortments retail for $14.99 each.

About NobleWorks

Known as “The Humor Company,” NobleWorks’ card line includes thousands of everyday and seasonal designs ranging from slightly silly to somewhat risqué. The entire product line can be viewed at or on its wholesale-only website at

(Note to Editors: Hi-res jpgs for all new cards in this introduction are available upon request; a catalog pdf can be viewed and downloaded at:

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