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“Your boy have to it, do you think the harp in former soldiers absolutely no real strength is so good when ah.” Smell speech, YangFan and XiaoMa way.
“Teacher, this time we could play big ah, soccer shoes sale in this night night between solitary lost her son and two of his steward, White House also lost a steward, and that white is also the master, to that, estimate the next night solitary and white easy two old guys to distraction, is likely to be directly included in our account on ah.” See YangFan asked just, huang gai slightly concerns tunnels.
“Insiders in addition to the BaiXi are dead, and the outside BaiXi see I have in before in a coma, so she didn’t know she hands the sound waves is I robbed lighter, she only remember the night she was OuYangYin foxes and upon in after wake up, I found that is saved her. I believe her as a girl won’t put someone that the things said come out of, so I think it may directly let alone and white night to two bout on, and what we have no.” YangFan carefully to the next, and then way.
“Eldest brother is the eldest brother, steal to eat and to stay, I really admire very ah.” Smell speech, LingHuYu very admire to YangFan way.
Smell speech, mind a while depressed, heart way: “do you really think I can stay out? I still have to crest at any time the risk of people be after heThe beggar and LingHuYu find yellow, YangFan three people did not intend to move away from refining city, for they have refined city to another goal, and that is the door of the flame out information, even if they can’t fire control all the door will, if you can think of a way to capture in YangFan Venus asynchrony get the support of the flame door, that is very good.
But this flame with the outside door have little contact so want to bug to their information is not so easy, and YangFan three people decided to return to the city inn of refined stay a night, and the next day after day to look out for all tried city.
Shu,, YangFan and wearing the skin mask, start…

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