News on India and South Asia fails to give a hope better world

India states that she is ready to buy 200 foreign combat jets if it will be prepared in India. Dhoni hails a big win in final ODI. Mishra haul five wicket and Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma made half century to beat New Zealand by 190 runs in the fifth and final One Day International. India has built a dream factory for managing student who fails to pay fees for studying Management. FMS allow the student to build their dream by studying Management at low fees. India beats Korea to reach Asian hockey Champions trophy. News on India and South Asia country reveals their anger on Pakistan. Tensions grow between India and Pakistan, when Pakistan attack on Indian Army and killed 19 soldiers and recently on Himalayan territory of Kashmir. The battle between Tata and the chairman Cyrus Mistry had raised lots of question about its business strategy. The government had announced in China that a couple would only two babies. The local government carries out pregnancy examination after every three months. Such rule in China force many people to play hide and seek game with government.

2016 is about to represent some opportunity for countries and its citizen. News on Sustainable Development Goals by UN had given citizen a new hope. The country together to will follow a path to improve the lives of people. The countries had adopted new sustainable development goals and global agreement on climate change.International relation gives you clear view made about the interaction of among the countries of the world. Through international relation news you would come to know the facts which occur across the boundaries of states. You will be able to get clear picture how these private bodies, state, nongovernmental and intergovernmental body works globally. This news is very useful to run your business without any barrier and politicians to understand the psychological concept and policy of country to function smoothly. The international security news, alert you that, recently Syrian rebels launch and tried hard to break the siege of the Aleppo. In this attempt almost 15 people were killed. United Nations committee voted to outlaw nuclear weapons. It has been seen that 123 nations agree with this and 38 nations opposed and 16 were abstaining. The resolution aims that nuclear weapons should legally binding and prohibit nuclear weapons leading towards their total elimination.

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