New website for newly launched book ‘Personal Political Economy’ by David E Bland


Dr David Blands announces the launch of his new website which supports his new publication ‘Personal Political Economy”. The  E Book encapsulates Dr Blands forty years of extensive work and research into developing his own system.

It is now generally agreed, even by economists, that formal academic Economics has failed. 

Economics has no clearly established formularies that can help governments, central banks and ‘real-world’ businesses to correct the disaster that has been brought on the economy, and on the human beings who depend on it, by the application of orthodox economic principles. Unemployment worldwide has already increased by at least 100 million as a direct consequence of the banking collapse. Emergent economies are at least as hard-hit as the advanced economies, with disastrous effects on their development prospects. 

The opportunity exists for a completely new approach to be adopted; with a new taxonomy of the economic system and a new theory of how the components of the economy interact. Dr David Bland has been developing this system for more than forty years and presents it in a highly digestible format as a short downloadable e-book.

As a Student of Politics and Economics in the ‘sixties, he recognised that while macroeconomics seemed – as it turned out, temporarily – to ‘work’ in the overall management of the economy formal Microeconomics was based on preposterous assertions as to what was ‘rational’ economic conduct by human beings. Notwithstanding his recognition of these basic facts, he secured funding to complete two research degrees on the history of Economics; and he has been able to over the ensuing forty years to chart the accelerating seperation of the economists’ paradigm from reality of the contemporary World.

An excerpt from the book…..

‘As a schoolboy I personally saw the slow death of Lancashire cotton; as a Durham student I saw the trauma of mine closures and the bulldozing of pit villages; then after…

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