New Website Equips Leaders with Practices and Tools that Best Fit their Personality Type

“Every leader is an exception to the rule.”

The greatest challenge business leaders face these days isn’t that of finding best practices to implement. It’s finding best practices — and other leadership tools — that align with their specific leadership personality.

However, a new website called is setting out to ease that challenge for emerging leaders worldwide. It does so by connecting those leaders to a wealth of insights and techniques already found effective by industry heavyweights who share the same leadership style as the person logging onto the site.

Cash Keahey is president of KCG Consulting, the creator of He says the site was inspired by a 2012 Harvard Business Review article written by British business consultant, Marcus Buckingham.

“In that article,” Keahey says, “Buckingham wrote that, ‘Soon there will be a place, somewhere in the cloud, that continually gathers the best techniques, tips and practical innovations from high-performing leaders around the world, sorts them by each individual’s unique leadership algorithm, feeds you the techniques that fit you best, and refines its filtering as it learns how you react to those techniques. It will be your own personal leadership coach, powered by the top leaders who are most like you.’

“That’s in a nutshell.”

The site provides data, perspectives, and exercises that can empower leaders to:

  •     Know Themselves – Users of the site will be able to identify the leadership style most natural to them, understand better their leadership needs, biases, and triggers, and own their brand — along with its many advantages and deficits.
  •     Show Themselves – They can also build their competence, authenticity…

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