New Volcanic Ash Beauty Mask from Onyx Youth Boasts Magnetic Personality

Our researchers infused mineral-rich volcanic ash from South Korea, along with magnetic power, to produce what we believe is a unique and effective way for people to achieve cleaner, more radiant looking skin.

A new facial mask comprised of Korean volcanic ash and magnetic properties was recently introduced by Onxy Youth – a skin care company specializing in the scientific blending of ancient Asian remedies with modern technology. According to Pris Policar, Chief Marketing Officer at Onxy Youth, the Onxy Youth Magnetic Mask harnesses magnetic power to lift dirt, oils and environmental contaminants from facial pores.

“Volcanic ash has been used for hundreds of years to purify skin,” said Policar. “Our researchers infused mineral-rich volcanic ash from South Korea, along with magnetic power, to produce what we believe is a unique and effective way for people to achieve more radiant looking skin.”

Policar says the most frequently asked question she receives is how does a magnet promote cleaner, more youthful looking skin? “Basically, our facial mask goes on like any other beauty mask on the market,” she said. “But here’s one of the big differences. The Onxy Youth Magnet Mask is infused with micro-iron particles that instantly bond with dirt, oils and dead skin on your face. Our customers simply wave a very sleek-looking magnet (or wand) with 3,000 grams of power just above the mask, and watch as it gently lifts impurities right out of the pores and onto the magnet. It’s very cool to see in action, and speaking personally, I love how soft, smooth and moisturized my face feels afterwards. My skin just glows!”

She points out that reaction to the Onxy Youth Magnet Mask has produced a groundswell of interest from a number of beauty-related blogs. “No question, our beauty mask is challenging to explain, but once people see how it magnetically lifts dirt from facial pores on videos, or customer’s YouTube submissions, they are usually intrigued enough to want to learn more about our product.”

According to Policar, the Onyx Youth Magnet Mask works best when used twice a week and left on the face for five to 10 minutes. “Many popular beauty bloggers have written about how smoothly our mask goes on, and how easy and clean it is to remove the mask with the magnet. I like to leave it on for 10 minutes simply because it feels really good, something close to spa quality right at home.”

Policar pointed out that the Onyx Youth Magnet Mask contains a number of ingredients long considered beneficial to youthful-looking, healthy skin. “It’s really brimming with good nutrients for the face, including the highest quality botanical oils, amino acids and a number of naturally occurring minerals found in our volcanic ash, including potassium, calcium, magnesium and many others.

However, she believes it’s the facial beauty mask’s magnetic powers that have triggered most of the buzz about the product. “The idea of using a very cool-looking magnetic wand, waving it slowly across the mask, and then seeing the immediate lifting power of the magnet is simply awesome,” Policar admitted. “Of course, there’s much more science to our product, but it’s the use of magnetic power that seems to be attracting most of the press right now.”

For more information about the Onxy Youth Magnetic Mask, including a comprehensive list of the ingredients, videos, introductory pricing and guarantee, go to Or visit their facebook page at — or see video reviews at

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