New Innovative Analytics & Training, LLC Study Reveals Public Sector Cloud Adoption Creates Demonstrable Economic and Innovation Benefits

Innovative Analytics & Training, LLC

Global competitiveness in the 21st century will increasingly favor those countries willing to embrace the culture of innovation built upon cloud services

Governments and public agencies worldwide can enjoy the same benefits as commercial enterprises by embracing cloud technology, according to a new study released by Innovative Analytics and Training, LLC (IAT). IAT’s independent study, sponsored by Amazon Web Services (AWS), includes 21 case studies worldwide where public sector cloud adoption generated a range of positive macroeconomic effects such as stimulating commercial sector growth, reducing unemployment, and improving gross national product. The study also outlines how cloud supports an injection of innovation to national and local economies.

Public sector officials are under intense pressure to provide improved services at reduced costs. They also face unique technical, legal, economic and other challenges in the decision to adopt cloud. The study documents innovative public sector approaches to navigating these at all levels. IAT’s study surveyed a wide range of economists, information technology specialists, cloud industry executives and customers. IAT also leveraged its own research into global cloud markets based on over thirty-five discrete criteria ranging from legal and policy contexts to information technology adoption and penetration.

The study assessed benefits and challenges associated with five public sector categories: economic development, social development, public governance, safety and security, and the environment. Most importantly, the study points to the prospects for smaller, regional or local use cases, to set the stage for broader national…

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