New Collection of Poetic Works Transcends Life’s Divides

Each person’s life experiences differ, making it impossible to understand someone unless they provide you with an exclusive inside look. Donnell Perryman is open to sharing his heart, soul and life with readers through his extensive poetry. Perryman culminates his works in “Below the Rim of Heaven.”

“Below the Rim of Heaven” features a message of hope and urges readers to trust in God in all circumstances. It also encourages audiences to persevere through trials and to remember we are all children of God, regardless of religious order or denomination.

“Below the Rim of Heaven deals with heart-felt emotion, not intellect,” Perryman said. “In this sense, I try and let my poetry rise above the barriers of religion, economics and culture. My ultimate message is one of love, understanding and finding our true purpose in life – that being to love one another as we are loved by our creator.”

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“Below the Rim of Heaven”

By Donnell Perryman

ISBN: 9781493114993 (hardcover) 9781493114986 (softcover) 9781493115006 (ebook)

Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Xlibris

About the author

Donnell Perryman is a multi–award winning author, born in San Francisco, California. His family moved to Texas where he was raised in a rural environment and dreamed of a more engaging life. As fate would warrant, Perryman moved back to the West Coast where he attended college and met his lovely wife, Gwen, on a blind date. After 38 years of marriage, Donnell has two sons, three grandchildren, and absolutely no inclination to ever see another rural environment. His true passions in life are poetry and golf.

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