New Book Shows You How to Utilize the Holy Scriptures Each Day

The Bible can be many things: a relationship guide, a childrearing manual, a home-building handbook and a textbook. The Holy Scriptures hold many of the answers to life’s problems because the holy words come from God himself. Kimberly A. Weires helps readers use the Bible as their life’s companion in “Day-to-Day with Kimberella and Prince Ain’t-So-Charmin’: MY Prince was NEVER a Frog!”

“Day-to-Day with Kimberella and Prince Ain’t-So-Charmin’” contains the poetic works of Weires combined with passages from the scared text. Featuring a Christian perspective, Weires addresses numerous issues and topics confronted through life such as: God, His Creations, Evolution, the body, relationships and fears. The literary work contains an uplifting message and spreads the Gospel about God’s love and guidance.

Woven through the work, is the story of Prince Roderick and Kimberella. The two attempt to build a life together using God’s wisdom as their companion. Weires probing prose and creative narrative, encourages readers to read the Bible and research the topics discussed throughout.

“Hopefully Kimberella will inspire you to pick up the Holy Scriptures to get through any complicated or trying situation,” Weires said. “God provides his wisdom for every aspect of life. One simply needs to research and study His words in order to figure out how to move forward in life with God at your side.”

“Day-To-Day with Kimberella and Prince Ain’t-So-Charmin’: MY Prince was NEVER a Frog!”

By Kimberly A. Weires

ISBN: 9781512759624 (softcover) 9781512759631 (ebook)

Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Westbow Press

About the author

The story of Kimberella and Prince Roderick was closely based on the real-life relationship of Kimberly A. Weires and her husband Rodney. Together the two have built a loving family and life with God as their center. Weires has published three other devotional works: “If the Shoe Fits…Run!,” “Still Havin’ a Ball,” and “Is It Midnight Yet?!”


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