Neuroscience-based Addiction Recovery Services

California’s Los Angeles Drug Rehab announced the fusing of up-and-coming chemical dependency recovery services into its acclaimed inpatient drug and alcohol rehab program, which is a result of the ongoing relationship with an organization providing cutting-edge recovery solutions using advanced neuroscience applications.

While striving for success, Los Angeles Drug Rehab has searched long and hard for a new and effective approach for those struggling with substance abuse addictions. Since there is a high rate of relapse with most standard facilities, the objective involves forming an overall improved quality of living, which, in turn, will reduce the probability for relapse. The reducing of relapse is and will continue to be the driving motive behind the collaboration.

A highly regarded physician has stated, responding to the unfortunately high rate of relapse found with most drug rehabs, “The world doesn’t need ‘another rehab’ but rather professionals in the field who are constantly willing to think about their own thinking and question what they believe is true about how they practice helping others in need.”

Los Angeles Drug Rehab came about in 2006, and has remained as one of the facilities employing neuroscience-based protocols. This neuroscience-based program is structured for those dealing with drug addiction, alcoholism and related clinical issues. Some other types of services include detox, intervention, case management, individual counseling and more. This latest enhancement is something that has unfortunately remained under the radar within the realm of residential addiction treatment. Los Angeles Drug Rehab is looking forward to further improving the lives of their current and future clients.

Aside from this new service, Los Angeles Drug Rehab will continue offering previously available services.

Los Angeles Drug Rehab

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We at Los Angeles Drug Rehab strongly believe every person deserves to life a happy and sober life, and that anyone who is willing to receive guidance during treatment has a great chance in sobriety. Although addiction is a disease that people live with, it is definitely possible to triumph with determination and knowledge.

Our mission is to bring light to the addictive climate of our times by providing initial attention and referral services to individuals, families, and children. We assist with intervention, education and professional direction to overcome the destruction of alcohol and other drug-related problems.

Our vision is to render the opportunity of professional treatment to all those who suffer from addiction, regardless of their situation, location, or financial status. We believe that everyone deserves freedom from their addiction.

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