Nature’s Brands to Attend the Upcoming ECRM Event

“We care deeply about the efficacy of the organic products we offer,” Gonsalves said.

Nature’s Brands, a company that offers a wide range of certified natural organic products, will participate in the upcoming Weight Management, Sports Nutrition and Vitamin Efficient Program Planning Session (EPPS) in Chandler, Arizona.

The ECRM event, which runs June 25-28, provides an efficient platform for the world’s leading nutritional and personal care brands to share their new and upcoming programs with buyers across all retail channels. Representatives from Nature’s Brand will be in attendance to promote its innovative line of Certified Organic whole food vitamins and nutritional supplements.

“This ECRM event is one of the most well-attended conferences of the year for those who provide nutritional supplements and related products, and we are thrilled to attend,” said Mark Gonsalves, CEO of Nature’s Brands. “This marks an important opportunity for us to share our unique brand message, including our pioneering commitment to organic, natural and chemical-free product formulation. We look forward to taking part in June.”

Nature’s Brands, a company founded in 1995, offers high-quality natural and organic products that do not contain any harmful chemicals or synthetic additives. The brand has made a significant push to distribute its products across the United States in recent months. They may now be found on high-profile platforms like,, and others.

Among Nature’s Brands’ top-selling products are its Organic Acid-2 Alkaline pH Balancing formula in Capsules or Powder, it’s Organic Supa Herbal Greens blend (Capsules or Powder) and it’s compete line of Organic whole-food…

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