MyAppSecurity, Inc Becomes ThreatModeler Software, Inc

Today organizational needs continue to evolve. In addition to securing applications and on-premises infrastructures, we now have to secure IoT devices, industrial control systems, cyber-physical system, and cloud-based deployment environments.

MyAppSecurity, Inc., whose flagship threat modeling platform is the #1 automated, architecturally-based enterprise threat modeling solution, announced today that it will change its name to ThreatModeler Software, Inc. in early 2018.

Founder and Chief Technical Architect of ThreatModeler™, Anurag “Archie” Agarwal said, “When I started MyAppSecurity in 2010, enterprises were just starting to realize that their threat modeling practice needed to evolve beyond identifying categories of threats in isolated applications. I created ThreatModeler™ to provide organizations with agile production environments a solution that provided concrete, specific, and actionable outputs for developers and operations teams – at that time most teams were still independent from one another and had different output needs.”

“The ThreatModeler™ solution has seen such significant success in the market place,” added Mark Meyer, Chief Revenue Officer of ThreatModeler, “that our primary focus has shifted. We still provide professional services, but we find that organizational security needs continue to evolve and require greater automation and stakeholder collaboration.

“In addition to securing applications and on-premises infrastructures,” continues Meyer, “organizations now have to secure IoT devices, industrial control systems, IT endpoints, cyber-physical system, and cloud-based deployment environments. And they need to secure them at the speed and scale of today’s DevOps teams working in a CI/CD environment. Increasingly organizations are finding that the ThreatModeler™ solution meets their challenging needs to integrate and automate security end-to-end across their entire IT environment.”

According to Ali Abughannam, Senior Solutions Architect for ThreatModeler, the ThreatModeler™ platform is the only solution available today that allows users to threat model any system, with or without security expertise on the part of the user. “Our users threat model applications in minutes. We have users that create threat models of computing endpoints and smart homes. We had users create threat models of the electrical grid when Crash Override hit the news. Users can threat model any type of cloud-based deployment, and we have specific threat libraries for AWS and Azure. We even had one user create a threat model of his commute to work.”

The corporate name change is schedule to be effective as of January 2, 2018.

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About ThreatModeler

Security Starts with ThreatModeler™ – the industry’s #1 Automated Threat Modeling Platform.

ThreatModeler™ is an innovative enterprise threat modeling platform that helps organizations fully integrate security into their SDLC and reduce their overall risk posture. Our unique methodology automatically and seamlessly integrates security within existing agile and DevOps workflows. By identifying and mitigating potential security threats early in the SDLC – prior to implementing SAST and DAST, ThreatModeler™ simplifies efforts associated with developing secure applications. ThreatModeler™ then empowers enterprise IT organizations to map their unique secure requirements and policies directly into their enterprise cyber ecosystem – providing real-time situational awareness about their current threat portfolio and risk conditions.

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