My Top Three Time Management Strategies

A business owner recently asked for time management strategies for busy entrepreneurs. Aren’t we all insanely busy running our businesses? Most of the people that I work with – my clients, my customers – are solo entrepreneurs which are one-person businesses or very tiny businesses that have less than 10 people in them.

My first response is that I gave up on the concept of “time management” a long time ago and I decided that I needed to re-frame that in order for me to have the most productive days that I possibly could.

First, I’ve re-framed by not calling it “time management” and I referred to it as “me” management because that’s really what we’re doing during the day. It’s figuring out how to manage ourselves in light of whatever else is going on so that we can remain the most productive we can be.

What would you like to succeed at tomorrow?

The first one is trying to decide the night before what your successes are going to be the next day rather than what your tasks or your projects are going to be the next day. We’re all focused on creating successes in our lives, in our businesses. So those tasks better be putting you on your path to creating your success.

Decide what your top priorities are and what your highest-impact tasks or projects are to be able to experience success the next day. Deciding this the night before seems to be better for me because I now look forward to the day. I know exactly what I’m going to accomplish. I know exactly what I’m going to focus on.

Write it down

My second tip is “don’t just decide that in your head.” We as entrepreneurs walk around with a lot of stuff in our heads and the more you write it down, the more committed you are actually in getting it done, so write it down. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. I write down my top 3 priorities everyday on plain old yellow post-it notes.

Focus on your top 3

Now, there are a multitude of other things that you need to get done. I’m sure we all have lists of…

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