My Husband Had An Affair and She’s Making a Child – Being Able To Cope With The Child

It is painful when your husband had an affair and is likely to be the father of the paramour’s baby. If you still have love for your husband despite these events, it does not have to mean the end of your marriage. You can survive this and have a good marriage. We will talk about some things in general that you can do to achieve this.

Is Your Husband Really The Father?
There have been countless cases where a woman that was involved with a guy, knowingly and wrongfully say that someone’s husband is the father of the child. She may be unable to find the true daddy of her child, so she would try to convince your husband that he is the true father.

Find out once and for all if your husband is the father of this child through a paternity test. Brace your self for whatever outcome. If the father of the kid in question is not your husband, that’s one less thing for you to worry about. If the test says that he is the father, it’s more disturbing news to hear, but hang in there. Either way, it is time to move on.

For the utmost improvement in your marriage, there needs to be healthy communication between you and your husband. This includes planning ahead for the time the paramour gives birth to the baby in the event that your husband is the father.

Since your husband had an affair and a child is coming as a result of it, there will be changes to accommodate the child. Since you are the victim you will want whatever changes to be in your favour. Your husband may play a significant role in this child’s life. So there will be periods where communication takes place between your husband and the ex-paramour to discuss the happenings of the child.

It will be easier if you are around when communication takes place. Any topic other than that of the development of the child should not be tolerated. Listen to calls over the phone, and monitor any other forms of communication used, such as text messaging. If custody is shared and it’s your husband’s turn to keep the child, bring a…

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