mxHero Announces Cloud-Based Email Integration With Box Governance


mxHero simplifies current email governance practices.

MxHero, leading provider of email and cloud storage convergence technology, is expanding its integration with Box to extend the security and compliance capabilities of Box Governance to email content. mxHero simplifies current email governance practices by capturing email from any source, intelligently analyzing the contents, appropriately tagging it with metadata, and organizing the content into Box folders governed by data retention, defensible discovery and secure classification policies. mxHero together with Box provides security and governance from a single, simple solution for all enterprise content inclusive of email content and email attachments. Through this solution, architecture is simplified, CAPEX is eliminated or reduced, content risk profiles are improved, and information governance functions are streamlined.

mxHero is centrally controlled and easy to provision. Initial configuration takes minutes, after which mxHero operates behind the scenes, transparent to end users. No end user training or software installation is required.

“As the Box 2016 Elite Partner of the Year, we’re excited to extend additional features in support of our partner Box. For most customers, email and email attachments are important and governed assets,” said Alexis Panagides, Chief Executive Officer of mxHero Inc., “Thanks to mxHero’s intelligence, expensive human resources are freed from manually inspecting emails and attachments. Organization of critical email content and storage into collaborative Box folder hierarchies is fully automated.”

With the new mxHero offering, customers will experience the unique and collaborative capabilities that Box’s…

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