Multiple Sclerosis Books – Recommended Must Reads

Learning to live with MS can be a challenge and one that most would prefer to meet head on. Learning as much as you can about your disease will go a long way toward making it much easier to live with. There are a large number of multiple sclerosis books that can help you sort through what you can do for your own health as well how to help a loved one what has been afflicted with MS. You can find accounts of other people and how they dealt with their disease and if a bit of laughter is good for the soul you will find some of that too.

Regardless of what you are looking for in multiple sclerosis books, chances are you will find it, and some of the best reads include those that help you with the day to day points of living with MS. An excellent book by George Kraft called Living with Multiple Sclerosis will walk you through what MS is, what symptoms to expect, what the future might bring and directs you to an attitude of wellness, which encourages you to take charge of your life and disease for your optimum health.

If you are looking for multiple sclerosis books that will allow you a look into the life of those that have walked this path before you, there many of those as well. Well known personalities such as David Lander, Richard Cohen and Montel Williams will leave you feeling inspired and take you from tears to laughter with their person accounts of learning to overcome their disease. You will find countless accounts by ordinary people that will leave you touched by their extraordinary spirit and will to not only live, but to live well.

Of course some of the most popular multiple sclerosis books are those on diet and there are plenty of those too. Diet books range from the moderate and easy to follow, to diets that are restrictive and difficult, promising you results that you could only dream of. When looking for a book on what to eat if you have MS keep in mind what you are willing to do and what your limitations might be. There are a number of excellent…

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