Microsoft Plans and innovations for the Upcoming Windows 8 OS

It is announced by Microsoft that Windows 8 will be out in the year 2012. The Consumer Preview for the same is already been released and people believe that it will do fine on traditional PCs like every other versions of Windows. Windows 8 will not be just another upgrade of Windows 7. Microsoft has big plans of making this OS exceptional by some innovative add-ons to it for succeeding in the tech market.

Microsoft announced with the launch of consumer preview that Windows 8 will be compatible with mobile devices. Microsoft has also plans to release Tablet devices based on Windows 8 OS. Though there are already many companies manufacturing tablet mobile devices, Windows 8 tablet announcement has created a lot of interest amongst manufacturers, consumers and business users.

Developers and users believe that Windows 8 tablets will have the potential to attract users towards it across so many available in the market. Samsung is one of the top sellers of Android based tablet so far and also the maximum tablet share in the market is occupied by Apple’s iPad. So it will be challenging for Microsoft to balance the power and potential in the tablet market.

Windows 8 has been developed from the ground level and it is built in a manner that it can run elegantly on both – traditional PCs and touch based tablet devices. It can run on ARM as well as x86 processors. But the apps that are developed specifically for x86 desktop environments will not be able to work on ARM based mobile devices.

The Windows 8 tablets will run on ARM, Intel and AMD chips. Amongst them, it is expected that the ARM tablets will be launched at the same time as Windows 8 for x86 PCs. These ARM based tablets will be having traditional desktop as well as the new Metro interface. But it will only allow third party metro apps.

The Windows 8 tablets will be thin and light and unlike any other tablet present in the market, it also includes a unique and sleek keyboard that slides out from below for the…

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