Metal Plumber Now Offers Same-Day Plumbing Services Across Bellaire City and SW Harris County

Metal Plumber, a plumbing service provider that operates in and around Bellaire City and SW Harris County, recently started offering same-day plumbing services. The owners of Metal Plumber said that they are now open 365 days a year and 24 hours a day, which practically means that they are available on public holidays and weekends as well.

At a recent press conference, the owners of the local business said that timeworn plumbing fittings cost the US homeowners thousands of dollars each year and claimed that their timely pipe and sewer line repairing services can result in significant cost savings for the homeowners. Anybody looking for a plumber in Bellaire can just visit their website or call their helpline number, they added.

At present, the plumbing service provider offers drain cleaning, sewer line inspection and repairing, leak repair, faucet repair, water heater repair and kitchen and bathroom plumbing solutions, though the owners indicated that they might start offering HVAC installation and repair services too in the near future. All the services listed on the website of Metal Plumber can now be availed within 24 hours of making a service request. However, the owners added that their trained and licensed plumbers take much less than 24 hours to reach the homeowners and commercial building owners in the area.

“Typically, if a sewer line ruptures or leaks, contractors dig up the entire yard for repairing and replacing parts of the system, which is a messy and rather costly method. We use a special lining technology which helps us in identifying the problem areas faster and we can fix the internal parts of the plumbing system of a home without digging up the entire yard and creating a mess. This effectively reduces the service time for each client and our technicians can respond to more than a few plumbing needs in…

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