Merchant Consulting Group, an Omni-Channel Integrated Payments Company, Partners with FoodSquire, an Innovative Restaurant Delivery and Mobile Ordering Platform

Integrated Payment Solutions and Strategy

“A great synergy for two Massachusetts based technology companies, food ordering, delivery and payments done right!”

Merchant Consulting Group (MCG), a leading integrated payments technology platform headquartered in Salem, MA, and FoodSquire, a Marshfield, MA-based, restaurant delivery and mobile ordering platform, announced an agreement to provide omni-channel payment acceptance for FoodSquire’s App and online platform.

FoodSquire’s partnership with MCG allows mobile and online ordering with the added feature and benefit of secure and frictionless omni-channel integrated payments acceptance.

The MCGSecure gateway will provide FoodSquire and its clients the capability to process payments through a rock solid, secure platform while saving substantial cost from current payments providers.

In partnering with MCG, FoodSquire has circumvented the often complex, highly regulated and costly process of becoming a payment facilitator. As such, this partnership will allow FoodSquire to focus on continued development of their world-class mobile ordering and delivery software, while MCG manages payment acceptance, encrypting and tokenizing data, PCI compliance and other payment industry regulations.

Merchant Consulting Group Founder and CEO, Jonathan Arst, commented, “We are excited to integrate our secure payments platform with FoodSquire’s frictionless ordering and delivery App for restaurants. This integration highlights the fast ‘drag and drop’ nature of connecting our API to an application. By connecting to MCGSecure, FoodSquire is improving the ability for their customers to streamline operations. It is a pleasure to work with a company like FoodSquire that is deploying innovative and frictionless technology to restaurants.”

FoodSquire’s Founder, Joe Capone, commented, “We are excited to partner with Merchant Consulting Group. MCG has an innovative suite of payment technology solutions that will increase FoodSquire’s ability to offer our clients frictionless payments. MCG helped us develop a scalable payments strategy while saving us time and money.”

About Merchant Consulting Group:

Headquartered in Salem, Massachusetts, Merchant Consulting Group (MCG) is a payments technology company. In addition to providing a fast and secure gateway, MCG works with and invests in technology and fintech startups, while advising them on omni-channel payment strategies. Since 2005, MCG has maintained the highest standards of service and support to thousands of business owners across the country. For more information, please visit, or email service(at)merchantconsultinggroup(dot)com.

About FoodSquire:

FoodSquire is revolutionizing restaurant ordering and delivery. They can quickly customize the user experience for restaurants to grow revenue and customer satisfaction. Food Squire’s mobile Delivery and Pickup Platform deploys the latest technology and has led to rapid growth for the FoodSquire team. For more information please visit or email info(at)FoodSquire(dot)com

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