Mercedes-Benz of Music City Spearheads Innovative Pilot Program

Mercedes-Benz Collection Coming Soon to Mercedes-Benz of Music City

When Mercedes-Benz announced it wished to test a bold new service the company chose two markets: Nashville, and Philadelphia.

The luxury vehicle subscription service, dubbed the Mercedes-Benz Collection, is unlike any currently being offered by vehicle manufacturers. Mercedes-Benz will offer customers the chance to subscribe to a concierge program giving them access to multiple vehicles whenever they wish. Mercedes-Benz of Music City is one of two local dealerships who will be supplying cars for the program.

The Mercedes-Benz Collection is an alternative to buying or leasing a car. Subscribers will be able to choose from over 25 vehicles, gaining the use of the car without taking on the headaches of vehicle ownership. The monthly subscription fee includes insurance, registration, title fees, roadside assistance, maintenance…and the right to change cars at the subscriber’s discretion.

With a few days’ notice customers could switch from a sedan, to an SUV, to a convertible, and back again. Customers will order cars via an app. Mercedes-Benz of Music City will send a concierge to deliver the new car and pick up the old one.

The Mercedes-Benz Collection app will be made available on both Apple iOs and Android devices.

Mercedes-Benz plans to offer customers multiple subscription tiers. Depending upon the subscription tiers customers choose, they may have access to sedans, SUVs, coupes, cabriolets, roadsters, wagons, and the popular Mercedes-AMG models. Customers are given unlimited access to the catalog of cars, and may drive them without any mileage restrictions.

Customers may apply for the service in May in preparation for its launch in June. The company plans to release details on subscription tiers and application fees a little closer to the launch date. The pilot will run through 2019.

Customers may learn more about the program by visiting


Amy Rothenberger

Dream Motor Group

Director of Marketing & Business Development


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Nick Saban and Joe Agresti of Dream Motor Group launched Mercedes-Benz of Music City in 2016. Since then, the dealership has maintained 5-star ratings across multiple review services by following the mantra that they will “trip, fall, and skin our knees trying to delight our customers.” They have also been active in donating to local charities in Nashville and in supporting veterans through various programs. To learn more, visit


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