Manage Stress at Your Workplace by Being Aware of its Causes

Stress is a combination of strenuous and unhappy state of mind that affects one’s psychology and physique.  Though not defined appropriately, this word has its deep roots with the meaning of: the percentage of mental and physical wear and tear of your body. 

Stress at work:

 Constraint economic conditions and global completion prevailing in all spheres of business are the primary factors for the germination of stress at workplace in all organizations throughout the world.  Reductions in work force nearly by 1:10 ratio is the general matrix or trend in all work culture today.  This has resulted in maximum filtration of highly skilled personnel, employed to perform to the increasing demands of quality and quantity work.  Fewer people performing the tasks which shall indeed accomplished by masses is one of the key reasons leading the workforce to face strenuous mental and physical conditions.

Each manager supervising 8-10 heads are now given double and sometimes triple responsibility to accomplish work. Likewise, the subordinates too have multiple responsibilities to deliver more productivity. So, today stress has become common to all level of employees. All these unhealthy and inefficient work management results in many disadvantages like: illness, errors, low energy levels, lack of interest, absenteeism, lack of encouragement and motivation, last but not the least; substance abuse. Such stressful syndrome will leads you to either final resignation or termination from workplace.

Understanding and Solving Stress at Workplace:

Your workplace is a tiny workshop where one personnel differs from the other in many aspects.  As different tools help the functioning of a mechanism in a smoother way, in the same manner, a healthy team of personnel’s will ought to work together to attain success in an organization.  In order to achieve this at workplace, one has to create/develop pleasant and stress free environment there. 

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