Mall developers – Changing the Face of Retail

The retail industry has accelerated in the past two decades. An increasing FDI and the recent influx of foreign capital in the economic pool of developing economies have not only heightened capital influx but also encouraged bigger players to enter the industry. Considerable rise in the growth rate and profit is driving this sudden boost in the retail industry. Leading the world’s market share, the two Asian countries, India and China are seen as the market leaders in the retail sector today. Positioned as the biggest retail markets in the world, these two countries are steadily holding on to top notch positions of the worldwide retail segment. Armed with resources and the capacity to attract investors, these countries have leverage in the global scenario.

Property development forms the backbone of any kind of economy. Every industry, be it transportation, leisure, entertainment, medical or IT needs an efficient physical setup in order to develop and function efficiently. The real estate segment is responsible for setting up basic infrastructure and other utilities needed for efficient urban planning.

The retail industry has grown manifold in variety, design and standard. Crucial to this process is the creation of shopping malls and community centres that blend design, access and retail offering all amenities, services and leisure options well within the consumer’s reach. Dotted with popular merchandisers, interconnected with walkways and spread over different levels, shopping malls make for a modern, one-stop shop for urban families. With malls forming the backbone of worldwide retail, shopping mall development is a significant part of urban planning.

A shopping mall development company or simply a mall developer aims to offer a convenient shopping experience to the urban population through strategic planning keeping in mind a viable location, anchor store, retail chains, F&B outlets and leisure and entertainment facilities. These companies or developmental…

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