MaintenX International Gives Sustainability Tips to Help Local Businesses Battle the Summer Heat

As the summer heat sets in, it can be tempting to crank up the air conditioning, regardless of the toll it will take on your company’s electric bill and the environment. However, there are plenty of ways to stop sky-high utility bills and help the environment at the same time by implementing some simple sustainable solutions.

“There are plenty of ways your business can adopt environmentally-friendly practices this summer,” said Bill Schaphorst, VP of Business Development for MaintenX. “Summer is the perfect time to implement sustainability since your company will likely be dealing with increased electric and water bills. Sustainable solutions will not only help your location go green, but it can also improve your bottom line.”

For more than 30 years, MaintenX and its network of highly trained professionals have helped local facilities with their sustainability needs. Below are a few tips:

1.    Reduce Water Usage

A great way to keep your water bill low, and simultaneously help Mother Nature, is to reduce your facility’s water usage. By installing sensor-monitored sinks and low flow toilets, you can eliminate your company’s excess water use.

2.    Rely on Natural Light

One perk that accompanies summer months is sunlight. Use this free light source to your advantage. Open curtains, blinds and shutters to let this light in, and reduce your electric bill in the process.

3.    Reuse Rainwater

Keeping your landscaping lush and thriving during summertime can mean more water and more money. Instead of coughing up more cash, create a water reclamation system that allows you to use collected rainwater to help keep your plants green and the environment greener.

4.    Check for Leaks

Don’t throw your money down the drain this summer. Leaky faucets and pipes can cost you big…

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